I got a bag of Kanga from the boot the other day. They're traditional African wraps, used for many things: skirts, headscarves, baby slings. I really like their bold, simple patterns, with the border format and the small Swahili moral written on each one. Such a nice thing.
Anyway - here are the best Kanga for you . . . I tried to translate the morals and had quite a good success rate but some are a little baffling.
I hope you like them too.
 photo P7172830_zps0b2536f4.jpg
Wema wako ni kumbusho hatusahau maisha
'Your kindness is a reminder we forget life'
 photo P7172829_zpse63dba8c.jpg
Radhi ni bora kuliko mali
'Pleasure is better than wealth'
 photo P7172827_zpsebc248cf.jpg
Tujitahidi kulima njaa isitufisidi
'Strive to cultivate hunger isitufisidi'
 photo P7172825_zpse2598858.jpg
moto hauzai moto
'fire does not bear fire'
 photo P7172824_zps76109280.jpg
waona uchungu mimi kupata?
'See the pain I get?'
 photo P7172820_zpsb11beb5e.jpg
kusifiwa sikuona
'praise found'
 photo P7172819_zps2774ce23.jpg
manga ya moyoni
'manga heart' . . . hmm
 photo P7172818_zpsfa1d082a.jpg
tosheka na upatacho
'satisfied with upatacho' . . . I don't know what upatacho is, sounds pretty satisfying though.
I like them so much I sellotaped one to my wall by my bed - then it fell on to me in the night and I had the strangest dream.