Andys studio

Just recently my treasure hunting adventures have led me into supplying strange toot to artists. Which is nice because they don't usually want the things that other people would. Like Andy, he wants landscapes (even really rubbish ones). You can take a peek at his website here.
I insisted on delivering them and got to have a good snoop around his studio.
It's a good big studio, with interesting things in it. And some things that aren't very interesting at all in it. But they're made interesting by being there.

Or made interesting by being next to something else.

There's the beast itself.
Before I knew Andy I'd seen his Pyramid Piece at the Tate so I was really pleased when he said he'd show me it in the attic. Here it is . . .
 . . . I got a bit of a sick pleasure out of seeing it all in bits - I felt like 'not so big and clever now are you, Art?'
Anyway, I'll stop before I wander into justifying my glee and fall into the old 'what is art?' hole.

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