Well I don't know if you can tell but I'm writing this from England . . .
I got back really late then didn't sleep that great. There was some pleb hanging around the boats when I walked home at 1am, looking shifty and even climbing on some. The civic minded bit of me reared up and wouldn't let the casual part of me sleep. I kept waking up and poking my head out of the hatch and coughing loudly. What a hero. I cough in the face of criminals.
So far I've enjoyed coming home because I can see the progress my plants have made, they're looking really good.
Secretly a bit of me felt disappointed that they thrived whilst I was gone - I'd imagined I'd come back and they'd all be wilted and sad and I could make it all better - 'mummy's home'. Turns out they didn't really mind that I was gone.
There's even been some sneeky flowering whilst I was away


And these babies are always throwing out new leaves, I really like how they start all pallid, pinky and translucent then firm up when they're big.
My wacko tonguey plant is making some new pale tongues, which I'm pleased about because the rest of it is all scarred up like a whales back.
And here's my best holiday shot . . .
Rosalie captured the patent Waterhouse fling perfectly.

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