Today was a good day, Rosalie and I got up early and travelled into Berlin. On the train we sat by some enormous Russian ladies, mother and daughter, who were eating a big meal from multiple tupperware containers. It was a very healthy meal full of pulses and washed down with yoghurt and fruit - but considering that it was barely past 9am I could see where they got their capacious waistlines from. When they'd finished and were both engrossed in their books about crystals and the occult I managed to sleep for the rest of the journey.
When we arrived in Berlin we met with a friend of Rosalie's, a very good egg, with a very fine flat that I got to snoop around. So I was happy.
 A good flat, very lo-fi and homey.

A bed made of cardboard with a crate as a bedside table.

 Taking out strip lighting is always a good thing and I like the scar it's left with the bulb dangling from it.
 A projection screen made out of two roller blinds.

 And a kitchen that's a hotch-potch of jars and boxes but feels big and functional. I was jealous.
 We also met with Yair, who is a very fine dancer and choreographer but who doesn't have anything for you to look at on the internet apart from this - which I probably would have sent you to anyway even if everything he ever did was online.
I also bought two copies of apartamento, which is a Spanish magazine (in English). They were pretty expensive but I couldn't leave them, it's a fantastic publication. Very pleased.

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