I am offering a service.

I'm enjoying drawing at the moment, so I thought -

If you want a picture of yourself, you can send me a head shot and a short description of your hobbies, likes, dislikes . . . habits . . . recent surgery . . . family history . . . or anything you think may be relevant. Heck, make it a long description if you want, I'm not a qualified therapist but if you need it off your chest wack it in the email.

Then I will take this information and magically turn you into a drawing

You might have noticed but I'm pretty adverse to drawing clothes. So this will involve me imagining you naked and making a kack-handed representation of it.

Then I'll email it to you, I won't post it here, it'll be just between us.

Anyone game?

Email me if you are - joannawaterhouse@gmail.com

Couples welcome.