What is normal?

I've been slightly at a loss with things to post recently; I want to wait until the boat is ready to show you it. And being in another country things I find exciting I suspect might actually be a bit mundane.
 Still, this is a nice shop sign. Maybe it's just a normal shop sign in Germany though.
And I looked in a nice milliners.
These cones are for children to take to school on the first day back, they get filled with sweets and gifts. Rosalie tells me that you're meant to make them - buying them is 'controversial'.
 Can you buy knee patches for your jeans in England? . . .
Or boxes of gravel . . . is that normal?
What is normal? . . . 
I just don't know anymore!
Oh no, hold on . . . it's Gay Pride weekend, that's not normal.
I was just popping out to a traditional German outlet - Muji - when I got all caught up in a gay parade.
I had a really nice time, just bopping around smirking, taking pictures. I was walking along with the parade for a while, there were security telling other people to get behind the cordons but I guess I looked enough like a lesbian to get by.
These guys were good - they were around 7ft tall!

All in all a good day - a nice, normal German day. I really liked Gay Pride, it's never really occurred to me to go before but I'd go again.

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  1. Phwoar! What a glorious array of masculine beauty! A positive cornucopia of unfettered manliness and raw sexuality!

    If the straight men in Hamburg are as hot as the gay ones, you're in for the trip of a lifetime...