Pomology (fruticulture)

Spring has come and it is good - maybe it will go again but it won't matter because today I sat out in the garden and ate an apple with a lump of cheese and that made me very happy.Photobucket
It also reminded me of this book I perused a couple of weeks back.
It's a thing of beauty.
With carefully curated photos.
A lot of the apples have wonderful names - knowing there's an apple out there called Arthur Turner makes me proud to be English.
And this one is called Mother, would make a good Mothers Day card no?

Indeed all the words in the book are good, please read and enjoy the terms . . . 'lobes', 'puckering', 'apical', 'downy', 'pistil' and especialy 'knobbed' (titter)

Also, the phrase 'King of the Pippins' which I think I shall take as my own title from here on in - Jo, King of the Pippins. Very good.

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  1. Hi! I just stumbeled on your blog. Thanks for sharing those inspiring pics and words!
    Lovely apples, by the way....