From the boot: John Kay

A small set of etchings by John Kay. He was a Scottish caricaturist based in Edinburgh and lived from 1742 to 1826. That's quite a long time ago eh?P9121829I love this way of showing speech.P9121827And the gaminess of this man's arm.P9121825This chap has a pineapple - dead posh.P9121824(Note the dog poking it's head in the side of this picture)P9121822More foolish folk . . . P9121821And a whole group of men with no arms - all squished in like corn on the cob. This last one is my favourite.


  1. I like how stiff and naive these are!

  2. Yes, you're right, it is the stiffness that makes them so pleasing

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  4. Nice blog - I actually bought one of these today from your stall - the one with the dog peeping in. Reminded me of Hockney's Rake's Progress etchings, super.

  5. Glad you like it! Thanks for taking a peep over here. See you again.