My very own Odradek.

On the old Instagram the other day I snapped this little beauty, which now sits on the sill in my studio. Then, last night I was doing a little reading and I read about Odradek - a small character that appears in Kafka's The Cares of a Family Man. Odradek is a star shaped spool of cotton, not unlike mine, who speaks a bit, but not properly - just communicates and moves around, a bit like mine.
PhotobucketA nice read for Toot lovers to ponder maybe.
Other peoples Odradeks: (Odradek Odradek Odradek). I think mine might be the real one though.


  1. I must look into "Odradek" I never heard of!
    an old post of mine, apropos:

  2. They are incredible! Jeez, you're too good at finding stuff.