Pietra paesina

Will you just look at what I fondled this weekend . . . PhotobucketIt's not a small, irregular shaped painting
PhotobucketIt's a piece of Pietra Paesina, or landscape marble or ruins stone. (Good old Wikipedia has some things to say). It's a stone that occurs naturally in Northern Italy. It has no specific mines, just occurs very rarely in seemingly random places. This is a nice website of two Italian men who've devoted their lives to it - the image gallery is worth a look.PhotobucketIt's very beautiful: these pieces have a horizon and beautiful delicately coloured clouds - it's so hard to believe it's naturally occurring. PhotobucketThis piece is quite space age. A monitoring station in a lunar crater maybe.PhotobucketResearching this very special stone took me on a nice trip around the internet where I discovered this fine blog. And also this incredible archive: The Corsi Collection of Decorative Stones.Photobucket

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