Them Fishies.

The fish I made last year have been selling really well on my stall so I'm making some more. Also, there are more prints and things in the pipeline, so that is nice. Busy.
 photo PB123309.jpg
Fishy tale.
 I love them little fishy babies: all the mis-biffs and testers are floating around the house, they make nice conversation starters and facilitate silliness real good. At New Year they were getting chucked around and cuddled and kissed . . . a few of them even got treated to sips of beer.
 photo P1019634_zps84b1a2fd.jpg
Black spots on noses . . .
 photo P1159801_zpsdd4dfa90.jpg
Other fishiness creeping in all over my life: a little wooden mascot on my desk.
 photo stargazy-pie_zpsfcb1fc9c.jpeg
A nice picture of stargazy pie - this year I will cook one of these.
There are still fish in the Etsy shop if you would like one, and I'm hoping this post will put a fire under my bum to get more things posted up there soon!

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