A triptych of lighting in the shop

I am enjoying the shop, it is nice that if I buy a lampshade it gets to go on an actual light in an actual room or lamps get plugged in - dead snazzy! Here's some lighting I've gathered so far . . . 
 photo P4171421_zps97673fbc.jpg
The Glow Baby. This one is actually a bed warmer! Can you believe it? The warmth from the bulb heats your sheets for you. And if you hop in with it the light from the bulb will also illuminate your nether regions. Handy.
 photo P4171435_zps83d97923.jpg
A nice fifties shade all cut on a slant and with stripes. Nice.
 photo P4171441_zps13df3954.jpg
And a woven daffodil light. I love yellow so much.


  1. I really love the wicker lamp! Nice!

  2. Thanks Joan. The shop is has a lot of muted colours and industrial stuff so I thought maybe really bright woven stuff wouldn't fit but it looks really good.

  3. I meant to comment before and say congratulations on being part of a shop, how exciting! Playing shops sounds like fun to me, I hope it is ;)

  4. Thanks Polly! It is fun. I am the newby in the shop though - so I'm just sussing things out at the mo.