Adventures in Toot Town.

Ok you lovely lumps - here is some Toot.
 photo P4221500_zps8125984b.jpg
A nice souvenir bag that looks and feels a bit like a rag rug.
 photo P4221503_zps7eb0b138.jpg
A handsome dustpan and brush - so you can be dead authentic even when you're on your knees scrabbling at dust bunnies.
 photo P4221512_zps88ff8697.jpg
A swirly cutlery tray - I really like it. When Mum spotted it in my box of stuff she was like BLEURGH!
 photo P4221532_zps32c74acc.jpg
Handsome bookends. On a similar swirly, whirly theme.
 photo P4221535_zps5114249e.jpg
Modern, sleek bookends that can be used together or . . . 
 photo P4221529_zps304c90be.jpg
. . . individually. You can roll out the curl of metal and grip the books with it - dead smart.
 photo P4221538_zps656a110f.jpg
A nice lino print.
 photo P4221541_zpsfe4769ce.jpg
A mangy horse made of real mangy horse hide.
 photo P4221548_zps15714c4f.jpg
A stonkin' bakelite bracelet.
 photo P4221550_zps975efa31.jpg
Saucers in nice patterns - would look good under a lush and healthy pot plant (I haven't got many of those at the moment).
 photo P4221552_zps1c1aa178.jpg
An espresso machine. 
 photo P4221555_zpse219f0f3.jpg
Some Victorian playing cards - such nice designs.
 photo P4221557_zpsedab8e65.jpg
Some WW1 lead toys - poor spindly folk heading off to war.
 photo P4221560_zpscd1975d0.jpg
A large wall-mounted mouth.
 photo P4221570_zps1bd9cf64.jpg
A mug with ears.
 photo P4221572_zps55065496.jpg
And some scientific posters that are made of whiteboard material, I thought they'd be pretty fun to have in the kitchen to write your shopping lists on.
Phewf! There you have it. I'm off to work in the shop and today and I'm expecting a visit from a chum who is due to have a baby any minute now (maybe we'll have the most tasteful birth session ever, straddling an Ernest Race) and a person named Lion.
So that's nice.


  1. Oh that horse! Makes me want to give it a cuddle, and throw up, at the same time...

  2. some mothers have no taste whatsoever eh?

  3. haha, the mouth!
    toot findings!

  4. I had those curly bookends as a child - I think they were my Mum's originally. Ingenious.