Best buys.

A little bit of Toot this week.
 photo P4101349_zpsa4c54457.jpg
These jelly bowls - I just liked the colours.
 photo P4101348_zps82a8e786.jpg
A handy bottle holder for carrying booze to the park; seeing as no one gets milk delivered anymore.
 photo P4101343_zps7a7431ef.jpg
A nice little drawer and basket and some dotty fabric that I love.
 photo P4101335_zps6e33d486.jpg
The dots are an amazing brown red that's a bit delicious.
 photo P4101319_zps26b9c14d.jpg
I'm really smitten with this rug - it's a beautiful fine weave with lovely long tassels, I would like to eat it. But instead I'm just going to put it on the stall for big bucks.
 photo P4101313_zps01ae7cb7.jpg
This pot is also wonderful, though it looks like an urn. It's not going on the stall until I can find who made it. 
 photo P4101312_zps11b55a4a.jpg
A few of these lovely speckledy shopping bags.
 photo P4101303_zps11e7ba46.jpg
And one box of these glasses . . . I could have had two boxes, I picked up two, but an old person grabbed the other and kept saying in a loud voice "NO! YOU JUST TAKE ONE", as if I was being greedy wanting to buy both. I was baffled and wouldn't let go but couldn't get it back because my hands were full and they just kept shouting louder it was really embarrassing. So in the end I let go and said "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" in a loud sarcastic voice. That was a weird thing to say eh? Not the witty retort I would've liked. Car boots are funny places. It was at the same car boot that I left some stuff under a van because I couldn't carry it and when I got back to it someone had robbed the plastic bags . . . not the stuff, just the plastic bags it was in. Funny.
Oh well, there you go. Hope you've all been well this week . . . I've been ill and my Jack has been away, double bad. But now he is back and tonight we're having carbs for supper so everything is ok.


  1. Happy Birthday indeed! >:(
    They are such cute glasses too.

  2. It all looks good enough to eat to me… any chance of buying one of those lovely string bags?

  3. Of course BC! I'll save you the best one and be in touch.
    They are cute glasses Angella and I love buying things that are packaged in sets, don't know why

  4. love the milk carrier, nice colour :)

  5. Where I am now on Dartmoor the milk arrives in glass bottles, I wash them and put them back out. They disappear replaced by a full bottle in dead of night. nice.

  6. oh, some people are just (so) mean...
    you treat the old man well...!-
    were the plastic bags so unique?
    your buys are great as always!
    the plastic jelly bowls are my favorite
    and the glasses!-
    i wish you to enjoy the weekend!

  7. Those string bags are great. Have you any left? I'd love to buy one.
    (I bought a fish from you the other week). He's settling in nicely

  8. Dartmoor! So nice, I went to Dartington College and I still pine for Devon sometimes. We didn't have the same milk fairies though.
    Thank you for your wishes Evdokia, they must have been very special plastic bags: early Tesco maybe. Damn.
    And Kate I'm so glad your fish adoption went smoothly. Happy day. Thank you. I will try and list the bags on my new shop platform and email you and BC a link I reckon - just to test whether I can use it alright - Do you mind being my guinea pig? It will be next week now because my days are filling up horribly (some news about that soon).

  9. Happy to be a guinea pig!

  10. love the bottles holder and the glasses!