Handmade rubber stamps.

I've changed folks . . . I'm all different now, I hope you still like me.
Once upon a time I would've boshed an Etsy parcel together with a mile of sellotape then spent a half hour scratching my back up against a tree. These days I'm finding myself getting all joyous over sending out uniformly neat and tidy parcels. It's, frankly, a little disconcerting but I'd like to share with you my most recent packaging triumph because I'm dead pleased with it.
 photo P3250883_zps7ed1cf6b.jpg
I came up with this simple little design and carved it from special pink stamp making rubber which only costs about a million pounds a square centimetre (that's an exaggeration but it is a little bit pricey)
 photo P4011269_zpsbab06c6e.jpg
Then I mounted the carvings onto nice bits of wood, but not before I stamped the back to make them look all professional.

 photo P3250885_zpsced2cb1b.jpg
And there you go! Special 'Hand-made' parcel paper.
 photo P4011277_zpsb8be627a.jpg
Makes all my post looked damned fine.
Another reason to buy something in the shop! I've got a few new products for that little outlet coming soon too - more to wrap, very pleasing.


  1. I like you you you! Soooo charming!!!

  2. Oh such pretty packaging, I'm liking the new you!

  3. May that be the fish you sent to me? T'was a delightful experience unwrapping that little fellow (now proudly adorning my mantle)

  4. Phewf! You folks are good. So glad you like your fish Kate! I have one on my mantle at the moment too.

  5. very very nice!
    simple and pretty!
    well done!

  6. Bee-yoo-dee-full!
    I wonder if this will catch on as an alternative to those love/hate style hand tattoos?

  7. Yeah! Apart from you'd have 'hand' written on one of your hands and that wouldn't be so cool.

  8. you have the nicest blog so happy i found it

  9. Thank you schorlem├Ądchen! x