Dogs of old.

Dogs always look funny in old pictures, like cheeky time-travellers. I can imagine this dog belonging to a family in Romford (they got him from a shelter about two years ago) but instead he/she belongs to this fine, benevolent looking Victorian lady. PhotobucketSomehow the presence of a dog makes it easier for me to imagine the everyday life of the people in the photos. This lady pointing to the bench in the photographers studio and saying 'up you come, good dog'. She probably wasn't that different from me or you - maybe she liked to draw, maybe she went to the theatre and didn't really get all of it but pretended to anyway, maybe she got a bit moody when she was hungry.PhotobucketMaybe this guy was a complete pain in the bum. He looks it. What do you think?


  1. I am intrigued by the whip in his hand ....???.I think she had a secret desire to run away and join the circus........x