Toot, mostly in an ethnic style.

This bit of woven ma-jobby goes on for a long way.PhotobucketA very wonky little pewter dish.PhotobucketA lead dog.PhotobucketSome lovely webbing, that I might use to fix a lovely chair we bought in France, and that I never showed you - sorry about that.PhotobucketI bought this lndian man, he's carrying a pig. It's not always easy buying stuff from other countries because it's really hard to date them accurately, but I felt like this chap had some age to him. I'll take him to Spitalfields tomorrow and ask Harvey.PhotobucketA nice bit of studio pottery. (I posted some of my pottery triumphs on the Facebook today, if you're interested)PhotobucketA printed scarf.PhotobucketA saucy finial.PhotobucketA painted trinket box.PhotobucketA kit bag with some rubbish darning on it that I like.PhotobucketA salt-glaze jug, what a brilliant shape.PhotobucketTravel slippers, from Harrods: the real deal. They come in a soft leather purse.PhotobucketAnd I bought myself a jacket . . . also in an ethnic style. See how I model it with ease and panache in front of some plug sockets.Photobucket

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