A load of toot

First item of toot is a lovely Dicker (giggle) Pottery mug. It's a beautiful blue, very bright but very faded looking too.PhotobucketA splendid biscuit barrel . . .PhotobucketWith a splendid lid to match.PhotobucketA mirrored picture frame, in really nice thick glass with a pattern that I adore.Photobucket PhotobucketAn assortment of ribbons and trim, I like the wiggly one especially.PhotobucketA selection of embroidery transfers. I like that the lily one has a little red logo - if you squint your eyes it could almost be a japanese print, the logo could be it's little red makers mark.PhotobucketHand painted cloth from the fifties (also my grubby little toes) I live in those shoes - I splashed out forty quid on them when I was a student, seemed a lot of money at the time but I've been wearing them for five years.PhotobucketAnd what's this? There's a beetle on my desk.PhotobucketOh no, wait, it's actually a Beatle. Good eh? A tiny locket with the whole band inside. I always forget that the name the 'Beatles' is actually a pun because I'm so used to it. Is 'Ian Jury' a pun too? Can you think of others?PhotobucketThis plate is a cautionary tale - If you're too charitable cherubs will take advantage of you, and potentially touch you up. Gosh. What a beautiful saucer though.PhotobucketTiny beers.PhotobucketThis cup is a bit rubbish but I love the mark on the bottom - very Shrigley-ish.PhotobucketI also got a new bit of display for the stall! Rather puts you Rust folk to shame eh?PhotobucketA nice lantern slide of a boat with sails and an engine, how very Victorian.PhotobucketSome fine leather gloves for your wedding.PhotobucketAnd a cassock, I love the line a cassock takes, with the high dart on the back and cut narrow across the shoulders. This one also has a pocket in the back - maybe to encourage grotty little choir boys to stand properly.PhotobucketA lovely yellow jacket with a scalloped front.PhotobucketPencils, unused apart from the black, with a splendid label.PhotobucketA butter mould, for moulding butter.PhotobucketSome little carriages, silly really but I always gravitate towards the colours of plastic toys.PhotobucketA fine bottle, blown into a mould I guess - that's the cork inside.PhotobucketAnd this one is also blown but just free, it's got a lovely quality to it.PhotobucketA fetching cardigan.PhotobucketA dress in two pieces: shorter inner with gentle spots and a longer outer with subtle stripes.PhotobucketYes, very good.PhotobucketAnd last but by no means least, a chandelier. I never thought myself the chandelier type but I like this one, it's like an acorn . . . a big spangly acorn.PhotobucketThat's all, off to market tomorrow. Wish me luck.


  1. My goodness what a lot of toot! Lovely bits and bobs you've found this week. My mum has that same little Beetles charm. I used to play with it when I was little : ) But have never seen another till now.

  2. I love the two-pieces dress and the cassock with the back pocket is so funny!

  3. Yes, it was quite a pile this week, so sweet your Mum had that charm, Polly! And I really like your photos Teresa.
    Weekend is coming up, have a nice time. x