Hello folks. Not too much toot this week - but some nice bits.
A pair of cricket boots, a little bit Van Gogh-ish.PhotobucketThis tiny silver ring for a baby.PhotobucketHere's an idea of how tiny it is . . . highly swallowable.PhotobucketThis pack of solid leather boot protectors, just like the macrame kit (which included some string and a leaflet) this product is a brilliant wheeze.PhotobucketIt's just rough-cut bits of leather with nails stuck through them. But isn't the packaging beautiful? A masterful piece of branding.PhotobucketA funny thing: a spherical coin.Photobucket PhotobucketA charm bracelet on a bangle instead of a chain: much more jangly.PhotobucketAnd did you know that all fish are in fact filthy sex perverts? Well they are - which is why this erotic fishing float works so well.PhotobucketA teddy with a lost look on his face, I tied his price tag around his wrist now he looks like a little evacuee.PhotobucketSome tiny drinks for a tiny party.PhotobucketAnd a basket made from bailing twine, very beautiful I think you'd agree.Photobucket Photobucket


  1. I do love the cricket boots, very British (most of my ideas about England comes from reading Agatha Christie novels, no kidding :)
    The text 'sold in all stores' is very sweet, and a bit sad as well.

    Happy Saturday,

  2. Hello Lilli,
    You must think England is full of tricksy murderers as well as cricketers!
    Happy Sunday!

  3. Where did you get your spherical coin from, I have the same one but gold...
    Just wondered if you knew the provenance or value?