Hello folks. Not too much toot this week - but some nice bits.
A pair of cricket boots, a little bit Van Gogh-ish.PhotobucketThis tiny silver ring for a baby.PhotobucketHere's an idea of how tiny it is . . . highly swallowable.PhotobucketThis pack of solid leather boot protectors, just like the macrame kit (which included some string and a leaflet) this product is a brilliant wheeze.PhotobucketIt's just rough-cut bits of leather with nails stuck through them. But isn't the packaging beautiful? A masterful piece of branding.PhotobucketA funny thing: a spherical coin.Photobucket PhotobucketA charm bracelet on a bangle instead of a chain: much more jangly.PhotobucketAnd did you know that all fish are in fact filthy sex perverts? Well they are - which is why this erotic fishing float works so well.PhotobucketA teddy with a lost look on his face, I tied his price tag around his wrist now he looks like a little evacuee.PhotobucketSome tiny drinks for a tiny party.PhotobucketAnd a basket made from bailing twine, very beautiful I think you'd agree.Photobucket Photobucket


  1. I do love the cricket boots, very British (most of my ideas about England comes from reading Agatha Christie novels, no kidding :)
    The text 'sold in all stores' is very sweet, and a bit sad as well.

    Happy Saturday,

  2. Hello Lilli,
    You must think England is full of tricksy murderers as well as cricketers!
    Happy Sunday!