Toot bits

Some bits from the boot: first, lots of chandelier drops.PhotobucketWhich are handy for making rainbows on the floor.PhotobucketSome folding pigeon crates, handsome things in themselves but they also make me think of people with elbow patches spending days cooing over pigeons in the North of England.PhotobucketA fine terrarium for the collection.PhotobucketA big bag of pegs that look like people.PhotobucketHandsome, high-waisted 1940s trousers, never worn - still with the label.PhotobucketA nose and an ear, always handy. I would recommend buying the nose for playing the game where you put it up close to someones bum then pull a face. Facile-fun.PhotobucketA Victorian pin cushion with 'Home Sweet Home' written on it. I thought it might not be Victorian because it's such a naff saying that seems so modern but this is not the case, you learn something new everyday.PhotobucketThere's a man at the car boot who is hilarious - it's a really busy boot fair and he obviously really loves the attention that brings him. He has stacks of boxes which he works through so slowly. He'll go to unwrap one thing from the box then jump up and say something like 'Don't stand behind me!' to some bystander 'I feel all trapped in!'. Then he'll unwrap one other thing and jump up to glare at someone and say to the other people on his stall 'Keep an eye on that one, mind he don't put anything in his pockets!'. By this point there'll be quite a few people, waiting to see what they've got in the boxes. And if anyone, lays so much as one finger of any of the boxes he'll say 'NO GOING THROUGH THE BOXES!' and if you're unlucky 'RIGHT! THAT'S IT! I'M NOT GETTING ANYTHING ELSE OUT!'.


  1. Love the look of those pigeon crates, and the fabric in nr. 2, but you're not selling that, I suppose. Wish you had an online store, I'd buy a pigeon crate :)

    I'm totally convinced that I'd find every Christie character 'in a jiffy'.


  2. oh i love all the decors!

    greetings from Hong Kong!

    christian | my blog :

  3. You're right Lilli I'm not selling that - it's my precious favourite and now you've noticed it I might make a whole post about it because it has a story. You make a good point about an online store, it's something I'm always meaning to do.
    Lovely to have you here Christian.

  4. Ummm. I'm totally in love with that Victorian pin cushion. Is it for sale, and if so how much and what is condition like? Just found your blog last night or so through Junkaholic's blog... And found them via Home and Antiques top blog list. I'm a shop owner in the U.S.- Flotsam and Jetsam... Feel free to check out my space @

  5. Hello Stacey! The pin cushion is in very bad nick I have to say, thin cloth over sawdust isn't ideal for preservation. Ill email you if you're serious. Loving your blog by the way.

  6. Yes Jo- Very interested. Is it disintegrating or is it stable? Is it like when you buy clothes that sorta fall apart when you touch them or is it OK with careful handling and being placed on a shelf for display? This is for my own collection so it wouldn't be handled by customer...
    Please email me with additional pictures, a little more about condition, and price. It's
    Thanks! And I'm so happy you replied!