Helping out at the Jerwood.

Life these past weeks has almost been like real life - I've been doing work, real work, using power tools and stuff . . .
Ok it hasn't been much like real life because I've been working at the Jerwood Space on a project with Grizedale Arts and Marcus Coates.
Jerwood and Marcus Coates
Official exhibition stuff- signage.
The exhibition is called Now I Gotta Reason, I'm so happy I got to be involved. It's a very fine thing - there is a shop, library and printing service and there are lunches and performances.
You can come to Lunch Club between 1pm and 2pm every day - and you should (if you can).
Marcus Coates
Library furniture being made.
Blackboards - for writing topics for lunch discussion.
If you'd like you can also put items to sell in the Honest Shop - the only restriction is that they must be handmade and useful. I put in some Pilea because they re-oxygenate the air in your home and make you feel better: useful. And also I grew them with my hands. Hmm.
Toot at the shop
The Honest Shop - my contributions.
It's been good to work alongside others and to see how organisations and groups of people work too, as a Toot-monger I'm so used to working away by myself - sometimes I can feel a bit like one of these.
Lunch Club
Lunch Club.
If you're in London at all you should go and take a look. I'd recommend going when there's something happening - maybe Lunch Club or a class, you can find all the events here
All the photos in this post are by Hydar Dewachi (clever sausage).