Rosalie has been away for a little while now, and she won't come back until January. Luckily she managed to replace herself before she scarpered into the sunset. I have a new flatmate: Marina. The other day we did a lot of photoing; including putting things on our heads, which is always a good game. Some more photos on Marina's beautiful blog.
Marina is an exotic beast, not only because she comes from far off lands but because she loves pink. Imagine that. When she came to Peckham we had one pink thing in the house: a small plate. But now we have lots of pink things and I might be a convert.
Marina and the pink plate.
Pink things on head (and blurry arms).
Pink socks and slip-slips.
Marina hails from Germany - it is nice to live with someone from a different country because they can tell you things about your own country that you might not notice because you're so used to it- for example, had you noticed how nice and descriptive English weather forecasts are? They're all full of lovely words like 'brisk' and 'breezy'.
Do you live with someone from somewhere else?


  1. My boyfriend is Welsh, I know that probably doesn't count but even little cultural differences make things more interesting sometimes.
    Marina seems so nice, I love those earrings.

  2. Ha! That's fun, one of my closest friends married a Welshman - she's very happy, eating faggots and saying lush and stuff.
    The earrings are incredible, I can't get over them - I'd never pull them off!

  3. looks lke you're having fun together! pink is my favourite color too :)

  4. Just dashed to the kitchen. We have a plate exactly like that. It says Made in England on the underneath. My husband broke a chunk out of it a few years ago and fixed it with superglue because he thought he was in big trouble. He was.

    I hope Marina has been on Youtube to see Prince Charles doing the weather forecast. He is a true master of comic timing.


  5. That's such a brilliant clip! Thank you Muv. I alerted Marina to it this morning.
    Hope your husband is out of trouble now - a few years later!