It takes Toot to tango.

A nice lot of toot this week - though I attended one car boot where I didn't buy a single thing, imagine that. Here's what I got elsewhere.PhotobucketThe sweetest little jumper for a kid - I like that it's good colours, none of that pastel crap: no pink or blue, just characterful stripes.PhotobucketSome more characterful stripes - switswoo.PhotobucketIs it a hanging basket? Or is it a drawing? . . . it's both.PhotobucketAnd here's another with it's arms still attached, I love them. Something about hanging baskets (were you around when this one turned up? That was a long time ago)PhotobucketA sick-up swan for the Pileas.PhotobucketA 70s dressing gown in nice patterns. And what's that next to it? . . . PhotobucketOh it's only the best damn Christmas decoration ever. I feel this Chritmas I might finally decorate the house, after many years of feeling a touch too nomadic to make a real effort with any abode.PhotobucketA slightly chilling Goofy mask.PhotobucketAnd a painted basket - I love it when folks give wicker a thick coat of garish gloss, it makes such a wholesome and rustic looking material seem so Pop. And I've not seen one example of it done tidily to date - which is part of the charm. (Like Craigie's pink cabinet)PhotobucketTalking of charm: here is my Dad modelling the new Gansey I got him.


  1. that tree ornament is perfecto.

  2. for a brief moment I thought the Gansey was going into the shop!
    Lucky your Dad!

  3. That dad needs all the jumpers he can get - he's always making holes in them.
    I love the ornament, I considered making some more in the same style but I don't think it's the same when I make things all rubbish like - someone else has to do it.

  4. lovely findings!
    i like the little blouse,
    has nice color compination.
    & the christmas tree ornament
    is so cute :)

    your dad should start thinking
    about modeling :)
    very nice gift!

  5. I shall pass your comment on to him!

  6. swooning for that swan and the 70s wrap. Looks like your holiday decorating is complete already the little demented tree looks so charming on the wall

  7. Love your blog. I have a thickly painted wicker chair of great loveliness x

  8. Hello Lush! So nice you're here x

  9. i used to have that swan too, in white. but i sold it :) like you will (maybe)
    loving the wire basket a lot, it really looks like a drawing!

  10. My swans neck is broken it turns out - bah - so I doubt anyone would want it, it's in my house being decorative.I wish I could make a drawing like that wire basket.