Top Tootie

This week I have only photoed half the Toot because my camera died today - 'R.I.P. you utter P.I.T.A.'. Never mind.PhotobucketFirstly, I found another one of these, so similar to the one I found about a fortnight ago - would you believe it? It's funny how that happens. I'll probably never see another again now. This one is a bit nicer than the other - less of a flattened bum and with a funny charm at the base of the dandelion stalk.PhotobucketA folding chair with a wacky mechanism. It's nice that its painted black, I like things that are graphic and black - very sculptural.PhotobucketA jug that is both very conservative and completely barmy - the jug equivalent of golfing attire.PhotobucketA roll of nice thick copper wire, I don't know what I'll do with it but I had to buy it: I got that habit from my Dad I reckon. On a mildly related note - this year a man told me that the scrap value of copper has gone up so much 'it's now worth twice as much as gold'. Jeez! what a Dunce . . . I smiled and nodded, naturally.PhotobucketThis dress has now been washed and is beautiful - it's covered in tiny neat mends. And the collar is so minimal - two petite triangles on an otherwise round neck, so sweet. I think it's a child's one but maybe there's a lucky slender adult out there who might fit it.PhotobucketThis one is adult size and nice, a slightly squared neck. Not so many nice mends on this one: she was probably too busy patching up her daughter.PhotobucketA beautiful bit of ribbon - I think I might save up little pieces like this and pop them in with parcels from the shoppy-shop.PhotobucketA canvas water bucket, beauty.PhotobucketFinally some new sheets for me, a pounds worth of treating myself - decadent.
In other news: the shop is going well. I sent off a couple of parcels this morning which feels really good! Got stuck in a massive queue at the Post Office though, I'll have to learn their peek times - so many things to get the hang of.
If you take a fancy to any of the above you can leave a comment and then I'll list it on Etsy. Smart.

(And thank you Madeleine for the title)


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  2. Would love the dandelion bubble. Let me know? I wanted the first one it must be fate. :) I posted the first time and forgot to give my's

    P.S. I'm new to Toot....both the blog and the word. Have been practicing correct pronunciation as first instinct was toot as in boot. Love it. Both.

  3. Okey cokey. I'll list the dandelion on Etsy tomorrow - first come first served. How exciting.

  4. Gasp, that dandelion is a beauty. Did I miss it? Sounds like I was last in the queue. Oh rats.

  5. I feel I shouldn't like the jug but I do, feels like a guilty pleasure.
    So glad the post titles were of actual use, that's just the sort of challenge I like to use to avoid my work and spend some dreamy silly moments thinking up (not so) daft stuff.

  6. Ok, I've listed the dandelion - and there's a few more bits-and-bobs to come too.
    You're so good at titles Madeleine! And I think I might be rubbish at them so they're always gratefully received.

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