I'm bringing comfy back.

It is winter and my slip-slips are back in full force. I have a beautiful pair of Odette slippers that my mum bought me.
PhotobucketI've always called them my Step-Outs. When I was doing care work I used to look after a lady who called all plastic soled slippers Step-Outs the because if you needed to step out, for a bottle of milk say, you didn't have to change into your shoes.
I only found out their proper name recently when Maddy told me it. Maddy is a second generation Odetter it turns out - she tells me that the buttons used to undo so you could pull them up in to bootees, which sounds superb.
Also Tracey has some Odettes next to her bed and on my travels through the internet I found this amazing Flickr stream - it's quite mesmerising.
Do you wear slippers? I'm only a recent convert (since the Odettes in fact) before then I was sloshing around in stupid socks or even just my outdoor shoes - can you imagine? What a fool I was.


  1. I have always worn slippers. Last spring I bought a pair of Grunland slippers. They are grey and have embroider pink flowers. Very warm and comfortable. Unfit to go out as they are made of woolen material

  2. Aah the sisterhood of the slippers. We'll need a crest to embroider onto our flannel shirts. Now i'm having Odette envy.

  3. Always in a slipper, mine are white with coloured spots. Had a new pair as a child every year from santa!

  4. i am in a search of cosy and pretty slippers!
    your pair looks lovely! :)

  5. Your Odettes are lovely! My current pair are traditional (fake) fur-lined, embroidered ones from Poland, a gift from my in-laws.

  6. All these slippers sound like good traditional designs! patterns-a-go-go and fake fur, just as they should be. Go Odette Evdokia, ask for them for Christmas.