Not a bad week this week.

A hand coloured print of an animal zoo. I love the tiger in the stripy dress and the dancing ducks at the bottom.

A hydrometer, for measuring the density of water apparently . . .
The best thing that arrived this week is this beautiful friend:

ta-da! What a dream.
The smell in there is really nostalgic, warm and grassy. We used to camp for six weeks in Suffolk each summer, always in enormous canvas tents decked out like palaces - to my young mind anyway. I remember a family turning up who had a splendid tent with patterned rugs all over the floor and a hamster in a cage! I was in there like a shot.


  1. That tent really is splendid.

    I hope you are going to buy a paddling pool and put them both up about three feet away from the boat in Victoria Park. Then you can smugly claim that you have a 'Country Getaway with a Pool, designed by the well known architect Benjamin Edgington'.

  2. You're a wiley fox Van Gelder.