Supreme outing

Went to the king of all junkyards today, at one point it was the largest area of parked cars in the country (using the term 'parked' very loosely). I couldn't believe it, it was just gobsmacking the sheer amount of old, old stuff. 

This truck was obviously dumped for a long time - you can tell because a tree's grown through it and they've had to cut it down to get the vehicle out. You can see the remains of the tree on the left.

This is the one for me, a really deep pick-up type affair with wood on the back of the cab. Ideally I'd like it in slightly better nick though.

The chap on the left is for transporting tanks and has two engines. bloody hell.

When I have my toot empire I'll restore this funny face truck, she looks like an Easter Island head from the side.

The whole place reminded me of The Moon and the Sledgehammer.

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