Print week

I'm not doing my market stall this week in order to devote time to my first love - printing.
I've been working at a print room in Cambridge, a very good one. I love a well ordered print room.

Whilst waiting for things to dry I made a little stack of card. It's a really pleasing thing to do, I'd recommend it - take a big piece of card and fold and tear it into little pieces, make a folded case out of the same card and put it in your bag to fill up with doodles. Any doodles you don't like you can throw away and any you do you can put into the perfect order to make a book.

I might have some printing to show you soon but I'm only putting it up if it's perfect so don't hold your breath.
In other news we had a Sky film crew hanging around the boats yesterday. Unfortunately I was wearing camera shy coulottes that kept trying to hide up my bum. So if you see a three minute film about canal boats on Sky I'm the one pulling a wedgie out. Bah.

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