Toot toot

So here are the best bits of the week. Below: Shirley Valentine shoes, I'll keep them if they don't go this week, and some more handsome bags.

 Unusal but very fine cutlery. I really like the design but they're unmarked so I can't think how I'd find out anything about them. They might just be old camping stuff.
 The heaviest tandem frame you'll ever find - but beautifully rustic.
 A boot scraper.
 The best stool, worn on the rungs, shaped to the bum and in the perfect state of disrepair.
 I bought this Union Flag from an old Cockney called Dougie, I had to pay a bit; he said he didn't mind keeping it because he's proud of being British. He moved down to the seaside a long time ago because all the black people made him nervous (his words not mine) but he still had a strong accent, pork-pie hat and braces.
 Here is what he taught me, the Union Flag is only called a Union Jack when it's on a boat. FACT (maybe). I thought I might take mine onto the boat but I don't thing the change from Flag to Jack would be that visible so I didn't bother.

 A funny load of pictures.

 I found these two little letters at the bottom of a box of tools and had to buy them. I like the word No, I find it funny. Probably because it's so blunt.
 The love of leading lights continues.

I also got these two babies in bloody awful pots. Despite owning approximately 6000 flower pots I don't have any big enough to re-house them. Bah.

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