Lots more bits and bobs for the stall. Let's start with the best thing - a macrame owl. The lady made it from a kit she bought, which can only have included string, sticks and beads - I wish I'd come up with that little business idea.

Two decorative panels from an old gypsy caravan, if I had a cupboard I'd pop them on top of it

This bangle is a mikela Frey one, handpainted enamel, made for Liberty. A wisened antiques dealer would tell you that you can't sell them anymore, that they've lost all their value but I think this one is lovely.

This Victorian device is on a long string - it's for lifting up your skirt without bending down when you need to climb stairs or get into a carriage. Eureka!

Early horse brasses, some with the initials of the horses owner.

Another bloody boot scraper, I just like them and can't leave them behind.

I never had a pair of these shoes but I remember kids who did, what funny things.

A South African hat, very big and splendid.
If I were a 6ft model type I'd wear it out and everyone would think I was groundbreaking and cool. But I'm not so I shan't wear it out in case people think I'm a mushroom . . . or a pillock

Beautiful small scissor, the top pair are for cutting button holes.

Well, that's all. I'm off to nuzzle around in the armpit of the home-counties tomorrow; I'll be sure to show you any tasty morsels I find.

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  1. Lovely toot! I've been having market withdrawal and think I might come back soon y'know. I think you'd make a really cute mushroom with that hat on by the way, don't knock the funghi look xx