Perfect Friday

Had another trip to Performance Space the week, thought I'd share with you my favourite thing.
There was all the stuff I've come to expect: nudity,  bleeding and weeing (I've missed all the pooing and putting things up your bum shows).
Then along came Rachel Berry and played music and read poetry but mostly just covered herself in chocolate. It made me very happy. I wanted to hoot-laugh and rock back and forth but instead I did the appreciating art pose and saved it for later. What a good egg, what a nice smell, and when I thought it might not get much better she got out a plastic bag full of cream and popped it over her head. Hooray!


  1. How...unusual.

    Isn't it a lovely irony that this performer shares her name with the lead character of 'Glee'?

    I suppose that's the difference between the States and the UK. They get a glamorous glossy haired hottie. We get this.

  2. You went there! I wasn't going to go the Glee route but yes that was in my head a lot.
    I like our British Rachel but I wouldn't invite either of them over for tea.

  3. No - I dread to think what would happen if you offered British Rachel 'one lump, or two?'.

    Not to mention what she might do with a chocolate Hobnob.