A conversation (of sorts)

I sold those sciencey looking spaghetti jars I got a couple of weeks back. I sold them to a man with whom I had a most bizarre, but jolly, conversation. It went a little as follows (I'm in italics).

Will you use them in the kitchen?
No, I don't think so.
Oh right, just storage, that's nice: pens and things.
No, I will keep spiders in them
Oh gosh, big spiders?
No, just little ones.
Dead ones?
Alive. I'll make holes for air to get in.
I see, like a collection, you have different sorts.
No, just garden spiders - I just pick them up in my garden.
. . . nice, I guess if they make webs that could look quite amazing
No, I find when you keep them in jars they stop making webs

It was hilarious, I kept giving him leading questions - I couldn't help myself. It was as if I was giving him the opportunity to give a normal answer, and he just wouldn't (which I quite respect really).
Now I know how uncles feel when I answer the 'so what are you doing now?' question.