A pair of long-cross pennies, franked in the thirteenth century, made of silver. The cross design in shows how big the coin should be - that's to stop people clipping off bits of silver from the edge . . . hasn't really worked, the one on the right has had it's edges pilfered.PhotobucketThey were probably worth about £10 in goods, you might not to spend it all in one go - and instead of giving change people might just snip them in half or quarters, which I think is quite funny.PhotobucketSo eventually they made the voided-cross penny - the void in the cross acts like a serration to snip along, to make it all official like.PhotobucketAnd this is a very beautiful token - which would have been made by a local shop, a bit like a voucher. (Here are some other bits about cash if you're interested)


  1. beautiful and fascinating… laughable what we think of as 'old' over here in the colonies!

  2. A play on words? For me? You're really too kind.