The Strange Story of False Teeth

A nice book for bedtimes this week . . . PhotobucketOk, so I haven't been reading it much - just dipping in and mostly looking at the pictures.PhotobucketSeems false teeth have been around longer than you'd imagine.Photobucketand would often have been made of ivory - poor elephants.PhotobucketPhotobucketThe pictures make me think of that Sweet Toof who's got stuff all over East London . . . because it's pictures of teeth I guess but have a look at the website anyway: I found it interesting.PhotobucketThe illustrations below are my favourite, they're quite hauntingly beautiful in their regularity and the composition is incredible.PhotobucketBut the picture I keep coming back to is this one of a man putting his hand in a young boys mouth, I think it's funny because he doesn't look much like a dentist and putting your hand in someones mouth is such an odd thing to do - so invasive and personal but also ridiculous.PhotobucketYour homework this week is to put your hand in a friends mouth - report back here. Good.


  1. might get me some of those for halloween... awesome...

  2. They are a touch haloweeny, I dont know what it is about teeth, they're fascinating and repulsive. I'm just about to dip into the chapter where we find out if Washington had wooden teeth or not.

  3. My dog growled at me and my hubby reported me crazy. But my middle girl wears braces nowadays and I got in and out without problems :). You know the braces the yong Willy WOnka wears in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? My girl!