Toot le Monde

I have a Toot post for you this week even though I won't actually be doing the market. I'll be working with one of my favourite artists instead, so that's nice, and I shall tell you how that goes another time. But my week does seem eerily calm without a market day in the middle of it and the Toot is piling up around my toes.PhotobucketSome African beads - the necklace is my favourite, it's real big and chunky.Photobucket PhotobucketA little beaded purse.PhotobucketA pewter flask. I keep buying pewter these days, I think it's the colour and that it gets beaten up so nice.PhotobucketA A sweety jar with a bobble.PhotobucketA Swedish horse, I like them Swedish horses.PhotobucketA handsome woven plastic mat, when I say handsome I mean that it's got yellow on it. I'm a sucker for yellow.PhotobucketA fish trap, though maybe it isn't a fish trap - I can't decide.PhotobucketAnd two beautiful big platters, perfect for Christmas. They nearly weren't mine because I bought them and left them under a van a fortnight ago, what a dunce. Luckily a nice chum rescued them for me and I finally got to take them home this week.
In the middle of each plate it says - 'Deptford Ragged School', which I love - it sounds very gangly and Dickensian. There's not much on the web about the Ragged School but I reckon I'll poke around a bit and try and find some more.PhotobucketIn other news. A nice chap called Brian gave me a pat down at the market . . . I told him to F**k Off and that that was harassment in the workplace. He laughed: 'ha, ha, ha'.
And then at the car boot (where he also works) he let me in for free, at peak time too - when it's normally a fiver. I thought it was his way of saying sorry for his poor conduct but, with hindsight, I suspect that in his mind it was a reciprocal act - a pat down for free car boot. Dammit! He got a bargain there.


  1. Yeah, all the beads are tiny and wooden and the paint on them is just the right amount distressed.