Some toot for you . . .

Gosh, I really need to think of some more imaginative titles with the word toot in them - any ideas?PhotobucketOn with the show and tell: I got this lovely sunburst convex mirror this week. I love sunburst things, so joyous, but gee they're a hazard on a market stall - so spiky and they never go in a box.PhotobucketAlso quite joyous: this little spangly light-fitting. Put's me in mind of an udder.PhotobucketA nice beaded necklace.PhotobucketAnd a few chunks of amethyst, which I like - just look at the colours. It also reminds me of the nice apartment I stayed in with Rosalie when we did a funny residency in Hamburg.PhotobucketAnother nice necklace - I like this one a lot.PhotobucketAnd a box for carrying around live birds in, poor things.PhotobucketIt has four separate little cages that slot neatly inside. Makes me think of Luke's photos. When I first met Luke at the market he told me he was a photographer and I was just like 'wat-evs' - 'and I'm an artist' *snort*. Luckily I didn't vocalise this disbelief because it turns out he's a very fine photographer and all successful and that. Honk.PhotobucketA collection of nice machinery mouldsPhotobucketThe shapes are beautiful - I guess because they have their grounding in function, they're purposeful and well balanced.
PhotobucketAnd the colours are awesome, I don't know why they need to be those colours but they're incredibly Krenit.PhotobucketAnd a new shade for my room - now I just wish that bloody sun would go down so I can see how it works.PhotobucketHope your weeks are going well - mine has been a busy one. Lots of plates in the air.


  1. I love your toot! I especially like the clock, light and birdcage… my kind of toot x

  2. Oh! I am now in love with the incomplete dictionary of showbirds!

    1. Yes, very nice. I quite want to buy one. Maybe I will . . .

  3. I nearly bought one of those little cages at the weekend at the car boot we visit, but I resisted. Perhaps I shouldn't of they are so nice, but part of me would love to see a little yellow bird in there (you know like in the window of Dennis Severs house in Folgate Street). The other bigger part of me says NO bad idea! Now I remember you have just the right type of little birds - is that what you'll do?

  4. That's a perfect idea! Thank you Polly, my birds are a bit more kitsch than severs but it'll still go down lovely I reckon.

  5. I love toot too, toot rocks!

    If this doesn't sound too silly, maybe tootally tooting...something would be cute for the title, haha. Have a nice day and keep up the tooting.

    P.s am the girl with pineapple cake

  6. Hello you! Nice to hear from you. Totally tooting is sweet, . . . Tootally. Hope the new job is going well! x