A stationery special

Quite a nice little collection of stationery items are collecting themselves at Toot House this week:
 photo P3030516_zps97700809.jpg
A swarthy numerical stamp: it clunks around by one number each time you stamp.
 photo P3030523_zpsb7f33cd8.jpg
A tiny tin of handsome pins. Perfect for a pocket.
 photo P3030526_zps3fbd8c7b.jpg
A pen clip, for a pocket or a notepad. I happen to know this one was designed by the very same Herbert Terry who designed the Anglepoise lamp.
 photo P3030528_zpsb6aee54b.jpg
A matchbox full of pen knibs.
 photo P3030529_zps8ce74cd6.jpg
A sturdy hole punch.
 photo P3030532_zpsa98e93a8.jpg
A beautiful eraser system with refills.
 photo P3030535_zps84468b6f.jpg
I love the colour of the rubber and the plastic and print together. It's so pleasing.
 photo P3030537_zps158fe1e3.jpg
An empty autograph book.
 photo P3030541_zpse6f1af2c.jpg
Gold edged pages and marbled end papers.
 photo P3030543_zps166f509f.jpg
chunky leads in their boxes.
 photo P3030544_zps00f2cae1.jpg
And the best box of rubbers.
 photo P3030548_zps035c9551.jpg
What a beautiful thing.
 Very satisfying. They'll make someone's desk very happy. If you like these bits you might also like Present and Correct and Choosing Keeping. Seems stationery is really going places these days - getting all lovelied up.
(unlike stationary: that's just staying still. Honk).


  1. oh man all of this has me salivating into my bag of salt & vinager crisps

  2. Eat them quick, before they get too soggy.

  3. I love stationery and this set of things is amazing!
    The autograph book is beautiful and I never saw a eraser system like that!

  4. Love stationery, those grey erasers had a gritty feel to them, I love the round erasers too x

  5. It is a funny eraser system - like a snail. I like the look of the big erasers too but gritty erasers are for hard pencils and I'm a big smudgy kind of person.

  6. aieee love it. The swedish matchbox most of all. And by the way, did those masonic abc plaques from awhile back sell? or could they go into the shop?

  7. That eraser system deserves an Oscar, I'm in awe.