You're seriously going to hate me.

Why? . . . because I own a huge rubber band ball! Whoot whooot whoot! Are you jealous? Good!
 photo P3010450_zps60265c9f.jpg
It's really frickin heavy!
 photo P3010458_zpsdd8eabc5.jpg
And bigger than my head!
 photo P3010433_zpsd73f4c7a.jpg
It spends it's days reclining on a special pewter plinth between my plant friends Licky Tongue and Fingers.

Imagine what sort of pressure there is in the middle of it! Sometimes I'm tempted to take it apart to see what happens at the centre - there is a glut of videos on youtube of people putting rubber bands around watermelons that gives an idea of how much force they can exact.
I love my rubber band ball.
That's all.


  1. What an awesome specimen of toot! It's perfect that it is the regular rubber band color and not those bright rainbow colored ones. Lucky licky plants.

  2. Uh oh, I would be tempted to drop it off a balcony to see how high it bounced.

  3. Brown rubber bands are better, I think so too. More business like.
    Yes, it is always a temptation Botterman! Maybe one day when the only available window doesn't have a pavement below it!

  4. I was going to say "does it bounce!" fabo!

  5. It bounces quite good but it mostly makes a lot of noise for our downstairs neighbours

  6. My husband is something of a rubber band ball connoisseur and explained to me that because the bands are wrapped around in all different directions, the force inside is negligible compared with the 500 bands wrapped in the same direction round the unsuspecting melon. I know, bummer, right?

  7. That is a bummer! Is he right though? A lot of those rubber bands are going to be aligned somehow. It is a really big ball.