Exotic creatures

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I bought this nice looking box last year. Then I stowed it in our (redundant) fireplace and forgot about it. I should have cleaned it to put on the stall but somehow I couldn't bring myself to do it straight away because . . . 
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 . . . It had someone's face inside. Some serious Glamazon's face at that, maybe a theatrical star. Grease sticks galore, all in nice sticky packaging, all giving off a powerful musty odour.
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And below the grease sticks blending powder had got loose and was all over everything. A bit like a fragrant old person had dissolved in there.
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Imagine thinking nothing of plopping on some real fur lashes, as if it was no biggy. I don't wear make-up; I'm really prone to rubbing my face and especially sticking my finger into the corner of my eye and wanging it around. But I really admire people who do wear it, and who can put it on properly: mad skill.
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And of course I like all this make-up especially because it's in a rugged tin box and it's heavy duty and totally manky. Toasted Beige - delicious.
Do you wear make-up?


  1. Nope I don't, I believe that's why I still have a glowing complexion despite being almost 45yo ;) I'm utterly fascinated by your finding, I wonder who was the owner of that box...toasted beige, sounds very mad men!

  2. what an amazing finding in there!
    how old are these?

    nope! i don't like make up... :)

  3. You do indeed glow Alessandra! Maybe some Nice grease stick could tone it down a bit.
    I reckon it might be 60s/70s stuff. Definitely quite old . . . You can tell by the smell.

  4. happy to have stumbled upon you. can seriously relate to your delightful cartoon - what do you do? - think we are from the same mould... i am also an artist who funds this malady{?} via vintage.
    happy hunting/creating
    x ... ***

  5. Hello Linda!
    Yeah I fund the malady with Toot -which I think feeds the malady too. So kind of a vicious circle.
    Nice to have you here, I'm going to go snoop your blog now