Get your Toot in the door.

Ok you lumpscious bums - it was a slim week Toot wise this week. But I've scraped together some meagre offerings for you.
 photo P3200789_zps6939b5ce.jpg
A very fine Victorian dish.
 photo P3200791_zps483d69d6.jpg
An even finer Danish pot.
 photo P3200793_zps06f3b099.jpg
Some nice military water buckets or as I'd call them 'handbags'
 photo P3200798_zps6c9a0081.jpg
Wholesome woven fabric with a zingy edge.
 photo P3200804_zps6fab5a4c.jpg
A poor creature all covered in pins.
 photo P3200809_zps67ec285c.jpg
A box of pencils.
 photo P3200812_zpsb8cc6712.jpg
Nice pattern!
 photo P3200820_zps7031af6c.jpg
And a whole load of really nice sketches of dogs! It was a bit dark by the time I got to photo them, sorry for yellowness.
 photo P3200822_zps269b4021.jpg
Is anyone else hankering after a dog these days?
 photo P3200824_zpsc8c44616.jpg
A few of my friends are having babies at the moment, and that's really exciting.
 photo P3200826_zps5625e0eb.jpg
But Karen is getting a dog and I'm majorly, poo-in-my-pants, excited. Hoop hoop!
Ok, that's all. See you at Spitalfields tomorrow?

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