Toot good to be true.

Hello you 'orrible worms. I had quite a serious weekends worth of car boot action and here are some things I have to show for it:
 photo P2200149_zpsf03103bb.jpg
A real-feather-pheasant (nice mix of words). I like how mangy it looks.
 photo P3030469_zpscb1c986c.jpg
I love this little glass and mirror pyramid - it makes everything look good. It's the ultimate display solution for an indie jeweller.
 photo P3030472_zps315b3cd3.jpg
As soon as it came in the house Schweiker displayed a used teabag in it . . . it looked really good. Here is a felt mouse display.
 photo P3030476_zps03fe8fe2.jpg
Not just any felt mouse but one holding a cat. Very good!
 photo P3030480_zps14269baf.jpg
I love this rattle, the colours and construction are so beautiful.
 photo P3030482_zps1367ae9d.jpg
Pastels and dark neon, a fine combination.
 photo P3030486_zpse8b83d4d.jpg
Very simple spoons made by Alessi.
 photo P3030491_zps2c2719d7.jpg
I love this brooch - it's just a dirty great gob of mother of pearl. So simple and lovely. It reminds me of that other simple brooch I loved (in this post). If only I still had the other I would wear them together.
 photo P3030492_zps643820c0.jpg
It has a handsome chunky back too.
 photo P3030500_zps10848582.jpg
A horse from India.
 photo P3030501_zps051490e5.jpg
And a jacket from Norway.
 photo P3030510_zpsffbd189d.jpg
Tiny little crucibles - in shapes worthy of Lucy Rie.
 photo P3030513_zps22def5c9.jpg
A nicely naive landscape.
 photo P3030515_zps03585155.jpg
And a pair of pigeons that I couldn't resist.
 photo P3030552_zpse07d316f.jpg
Also another cast of The Girl from the Seine seems much more like an actual cast than the other one.
 photo P3030557_zps1bd20750.jpg
Some sixties fabric in nice colours.
 photo P3030560_zpsf28a67a1.jpg
A hat block. I like it's character: kind of bawdy. It looks like it's having a good belly laugh at something.
 photo P3030564_zpseb20cdc7.jpg
A bit of hot blanket action.
 photo P3030577_zps4180e8a9.jpg
And a pair of cymbals that I really like because they make a big noise (see above photo for proof). I'm quite tempted to keep them as a means of emphasising important life moments, they make a pleasing ending . . . dinner is finished! *crash!* . . . Rosalie is out the shower *crash!* and so on and so forth.
 photo P2200139_zps5fe04738.jpg
Anyhow. I photoed for so long the light started to go and made these beautiful shadows, good eh? Here is some more handsome chunky mother of pearl - a necklace with coral coloured filler beads.
 photo P2200155_zpsdeaed5b4.jpg
And a cork screw with a happy bakelite face.
That is all. I hope you like the bit.
This blog post is now over.


  1. You bought some really beautiful things, especially love the blanket and the little smiley corkscrew, they would make me extremely happy each time I used them!

  2. I love that rattle, beautiful x

  3. the mouse,
    the brooch
    and the horse
    are my favorites!

  4. What an excellent haul this week! Love the rattle, love the bowls, love the pigeons! And I do think you should keep the cymbals on hand at all times, just in case.

  5. Glad you folks approve!
    I feel quite jolly this week and I think it's because the season of proper car booty arrives along with spring! Exciting stuff.
    Botterman approves of the cymbals, hooray! . . . *crash!*
    Also, like your blog Afternibbin folk - happy you're here.

  6. I've stumbled across your blog this morning, brought here by My Friend's House, where I ended up courtesy of my friend's blog (Anusha)... amazing what you end up doing before the household awakes on a Saturday morning.

    Really loving your bits and pieces and very jealous that you must get to go to some really decent car boot sales!

    So - two questions - where are the best car boot sales? I live in Poole, have only ever been to two car boot sales and only ever see people selling useless children's videos, rejected Primark clothes and the odd cup and saucer!

    Second question - do you sell your tooty on, or are you hoarding as we speak?

    Thank you for entertaining me this foggy morning!
    Lisa x