Happy easter!

Happy Easter my Bunnies. And on this special day Mum will give you a tour of her most splendid egg collection: some inherited, some collected, some found.
 photo P3300999_zpsb3e0c129.jpg
All in a beautiful basket
 photo P3301010_zpsc3f6b43c.jpg
This ceramic one found when she was a teenager - it is to help hens to lay.
 photo P3301018_zps01dc9d0d.jpg
This red one has a tiny red tea set inside.
 photo P3301021_zps3fb7ec6d.jpg
Soldiers march out of this nice pink one.
 photo P3301027_zps513d5f2f.jpg
What's in this one?
 photo P3301033_zps6f66bc19.jpg
Easter Penguins - they're not so popular as Easter Bunnies because their Easter Eggs taste like fish (as Brian and Richard Know).
 photo P3301038_zps4aa557a8.jpg
What about this one?
 photo P3301044_zps78b78c1c.jpg
Ahh - chickens.
 photo P3301048_zpsf9bbb9ac.jpg
And this one is full of . . . 
 photo P3301059_zps3de6afc0.jpg
Pigs! This one's from my Great Gran with replacement legs by my Dad.
 photo P3301071_zpsf65561f4.jpg
And this egg is just full of itself
Have a lovely day - see you on the other side.


  1. Hello Toot. I saw a photo of you at your stall on Junkaholique's blog with - your basket of fishes.
    It immediately struck me how great it would be if you also had the (biblical) loaves to go with the fishes - made in your own inimitable manner of stuffed printed cloth. And then maybe also, big stuffed cheeses (complete with printed mouse holes), bright red tomatoes,cabbages, beautiful big juicy green apples and so on... I think they'd sell a bomb too with all the youngy mummys roundabouts there - good luck!

  2. oh wow, these are wonderful! And educational - I knew that chickens and penguins came from eggs, but I had no idea that pigs were hatched from eggs too!

  3. Hehe these are so cute! The egg full of pigs is a particular favourite. Happy easter to you.

  4. Thank you Anon! You're obviously a wholesome being - the only similar suggestions I've had so far have been chips to go with them. Glad you like them though.
    Happy Easter Botterman! you learn something new everyday eh?
    Happy Easter Nibbin Crew.

  5. the cutest eggs i have ever seen!

  6. Oh nostalgia... I have that same little red tea-set, inherited from my Grandma. It came as part of a toy caravan my grandpa made me, which Grandma kitted out with dolls furniture and trossel. Next time I go home I'll take a picture of the whole thing. x