Well would you look at these photos then.
Weegee was a photographer working in New York in the 1930s and 40s. The name is said to relate to a ouija board - due to the photographer's uncanny ability to turn up at the scene of the crime minutes after it happened. There's speculation that this might been due to an uncanny ability to tap in to police radios.
There are a lot of grizzly crime scene photos in this very fine collection (and some at the bottom this post!) and also some really nice everyday New York ones.
 photo img_zpsed2be266.jpeg
This is my all time favourite!
 photo weegee-collection_zps27a4d686.jpeg
I also love this one.
 photo weegee-collection-4_zpsf8492c40.jpeg
This chump would fit right in at Spitalfields Market on a Thursday. What a find.
 photo weegee-murder-photographs-pictures-new-york-1_zps1fda3fc2.jpeg
Grizzly and really damned sinister!
 photo weegee-murder-photographs-pictures-new-york_zps6f979e40.jpeg
Just plain grizzly.


  1. I love the girl in snow and the guy with the brushes and what not would do good trade at any music festival in the summer!

  2. Yeah, it's a really good sales gimmick! One I'd like to see more of for sure.

  3. interesting fotos!
    the first one is very funny :)