Moving along.

Yesterday I found this little cartoon in my sketch book: photo P3120618_zpsea07977d.jpg  photo P3120621_zps2cf66ed9.jpg  photo P3120624_zpsa34d63ce.jpgI think it's probably a true feeling for a lot of people who've chosen the creative full-time:
I don't know what the hell I do! But I do it all the f@*#ing time! Alright?! And one day something good will happen! Maybe! Get off my back!
At the moment I've been working really hard - even falling asleep in the studio - and I feel like things could be moving in harmony soon, it's inching closer.
Then maybe I will have an answer to the dreaded question, so what do you do?

So . . . what do you folks do?


  1. I love the expression in the second drawing.

    I still don't know what to say. I normally answer, 'ooh nothing much'.

  2. Hahaha....great cartoon! I love the awkward silence that comes after I answer "nothing". The responses are pretty fun too. One lady said, "oh, aren't you lucky". Yes. Yes I am. :)

    **To be fair, I do so much more than nothing. I just have the above stated trouble defining it.

  3. Yeah 'nothing really' is easy off the tongue but sinks like a stone once it's out.
    Also, too much information is bad! especially if the too much information starts with the words 'I'm a conceptual artist . . .'
    We all need to work out our 'elevator pitch' I reckon. Easier said than done.

  4. HAHAHAH This is so perfect!!!!

  5. I've been known to say: oh, as little as possible.
    People never know how to respond back. ;^)

  6. i don't know what i do... haha!
    great cartoon!

  7. Oh man I'm glad other folks are in the same boat! And I especially like the 'as little as possible' answer: might try that one on for size

  8. oooo I have loved you secretly for months, but now I know you are really my sweetheart! :)

    Yes. This.

  9. Alright, I'm coming over for a kiss and a cuddle. x

  10. Ha, I'm SO pleased I'm not the only one who has issues with this question! I usually answer with an 'erm' and a sigh whilst I work out where to begin with it all. Tried to explain it all to my Dad once by literally showing him my portfolio of work (I'm a stylist amongst other things) but it only served to confuse things further...

  11. Hi Jo, I've just nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award! Love those swimming posters. Polly