This week.

Here's some whimsical, colourful tosh in a huge pile.
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Plenty of sifting and sorting and here are the highlights:

Paper dolls galore. Would you look at Dick, what a beautiful boy - and those lederhosen were intended for him because they had his name on.
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I'd wear this outfit of Jane's in a trice.
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I like these fold out decorations so much, they're magic, exciting every time.

And some gaudy neon teacups.

And some calmer, less zingy things.
stripy teapot

The biggest needle point hoop to date.


This dressing gown is already sold to Miss Wood, who looked awesome in it.
A Bournvita mug.
bournvita mug

60s cutlery
A very big Welsh flag which is riddled with holes . . .
welsh flag
 . . . a lot of which have been meticulously darned, what a nice thing a good darn can be.
welsh flag
Filthy linen fishing bag.
towel rail.
towel rail
Some welly boots for your next am-dram production of Educating Rita
educating rita
Stacking chairs from a church hall which I'm keeping for when I live in a house big enough to host the top secret meetings of The Gentlemens' Club.
village hall chairs
A kite . . . gee the sky was grey today - a deep shade of tarmac grey.
And I've adopted one of the baskets for my permanent collection.
house plants

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