Toot from the coop.

Well here you go, some of my mucky delights . . . a tractor seat.
tractor seat
A lot of decoy pigeons.
PA121059 This chap is the best - he's made of papier mache which is quite unusual. I didn't know what you'd do with a decoy pigeon but apparently you put it in a field until other pigeons come and check he's ok - "yeah, he's ok, seems really nice, just a bit shy" then you can shoot them all. Hooray!
Which explains why so many of the decoys have bullet holes.
decoy pigeon

Look at their little faces, how could anybody shoot them.

A very dirty lamp.
industrial lamp shade
I never normally clean my stock but I thought I'd better make an exception.
A heat lamp.
heat lamp
An egg box that I would use as a storage stool.
egg box
Egg baskets - I got lots of these, I think they're wonderful.
egg basket
Then there were a couple of anomalies, like this soap box, don't know what it was doing there.
imperial leather
And this tumpty little wooden chap.
There you go. I'm off to market tomorrow, so bed real soon.
Until next time.


  1. oh! that lamp! that lamp!!! i have been looking for one, but no luck... had to buy a new one in the same style, but somehow is not the same... oldstuff have a soul, new stuff just don`t own...

  2. Wow you did good! That lamp is UNRECOGNISABLE! I am very glad I have found your blog!