Le weekend.

Hope you all had a good weekend. I attended The Movable Feast. I was selling Toot and didn't do myself very proud, stock is low at present. Still, I was very pleased with the fetching bauble tree I managed to muster. This year I will have a branch instead of a Christmas tree - much kinder to the ol' environment, not that I've ever really bothered to buy a Christmas tree anyway. Whilst on the topic a man at the boot fair last Sunday handed me a flyer for his business with the tagline 'Take the stress out of buying a Christmas tree!' - which I thought was hilarious
bauble tree
My usual buying places were a bit dry on Friday. But I did find this big, beautiful, red wooden egg which I love. Look at him, what a saucy hunk. He's going in the 'to put on shelf when I have a house' box.
red wooden egg
Also a very nice paper bag.
patterned paper
Then today I was rescued from the Toot drought by a very lovely man called Pete. Pete talks in a sing-song English country accent like Pop Larkin. I call in on him from time to time. He's a chronic accumulator and an old school 'oil lamps and mahogany' type dealer - he always shakes his head in disbelief at the things I buy.
two geese
He's got two guard-geese in his field, he's had the male one for sixteen years! He goes gooey over him, here he is saying 'Good boy, what a beautiful boy, yes you are!' and the goose is just hissing, straining it's neck at him and honking, it seems to be giving the goose equivalent of the middle finger while Pete coos away 'good boy!'.
pile of junk
And here's some of the stuff I pulled out of his shed - doesn't it look like an awful pile of rubbish? It all needs flumpfing and wiping down. I'll get to work on that and post some photos soon.
In other news, I'll be selling at Spitalfields on Saturday this week! A new venture by Mike the market manager, I encourage everyone to come down, I reckon it could be good.


  1. Hah! Good boy. {:-E Chuckle,chuckle.

  2. no!no! absolutly no rubbish!
    i wish i had a friend called Pete with a sing-song english country accent selling me such treasures....

  3. Demie, you are, as always, too kind. And David you are exceptionally good at making faces out of punctuation marks.