Dear friends,
This morning I am waiting for the computer shop to call and tell me I can go and get my new machine - I dropped the last one on it's head and when I picked it up it's eyes were crossed and it was gurgling nonsense. In a fit of 'just going for it' I went and bought a new one. The bank promptly suspended my account, they didn't believe I'd ever spend that much money on something, I didn't really believe I'd done it either.
In the mean time here is a post without pictures. It's a nice triptych of little language slip-ups I've collected from around the place.

1. Male, mid 20s, talking about a recent holiday.
"We didn't plan it, just went for it, completely on a quim"

2. Female, 40s, watching a model stride around the market for some cameras.
"It's awful isn't it? She doesn't look good, she looks emancipated"

3. Male, 70 odd, talking to a companion.
"I don't believe you, what a load of puppy-cock"

There are more but I've forgotten them, I'll make sure I write them down when they stroll back through my head. If you have any good ones please let me know in the comments because I bloody love a good mistake. I'd like to make a page on this blog where I can collect them proper in fact: like a dictionary or a museum.


  1. well, i am sorry about the computer and the... bank
    about english, well its not my native language. ( nor norwegian either)
    but sometimes when i listen to the greek radio via internet, i get a bit like...
    what on earth! is it me? being away for so many years? or is it them?
    its usually them...

    i like the way you wright by the way : )

  2. My friends wife was talking to her bank manager dad one day about setting up in business, when I heard her comment 'we'd love to open our own shop but we don't have the cholesterol.'
    The Bognor Bugle

  3. Yes! Very good! I shall make a mental note - maybe they should be collected and turned into a bloody good story.
    Also Greek radio sounds very fine.

  4. My mother in law is extremely worried about the "muslin" terrorists...