My best things

This is a picture of a cup of tea that Jack drew for me whilst we were at uni. He scratched it into a bit of photo film and developed it at Totnes Photographic. I have it on my shelves because I love it, because it is simple and perfectly comforting.Photobucket
At pottery this week the ladies were on fine form - we sat down to tea and the conversation was like a bleedin' rollercoaster. It started at 'I think I'll glaze that blue' and ended up somewhere near 'Don't tell me God doesn't exist, because I know he does'. And in the middle the question was asked 'When were you happiest?' closely followed by the suggestion - 'let's go around in a circle and all say'. Those ladies are hilarious. I said I was happiest at uni: it was a beautiful thing to be in a small town, to be studying, to be surrounded by friends and I had my own little market stall too. And this picture reminds me of that time: like a tiny portal in a frame.
When were you happiest? Shall we go around in a circle and say?


  1. I would love to be a fly on the wall at your pottery class, it sounds excellent!

  2. I am always hoping the best is yet to come. does that make me a Pollyanna?

  3. It is a very fine pottery class, I feel like a fly on the wall sometimes - couldn't get a word in edge-ways if I tried.
    That is wonderfully Pollyanna. When it came to me I really wanted to say - I'm so happy right now! But I think that might have been PollyannaPlus.