A parcel

A parcel for me, bought by me. But what is it?PhotobucketWoop! Dang - that a lot of little bits o' card. PhotobucketI'm rubbish at keeping sketch books, I normally have a big one on the go that ends up looking like a load of crap. So to counter that I tend to have a little lot of cards on the go - I carry a few with me and doodle or stick stuff on them. And if I don't like it I just throw the card away. Smart eh?
Here are some doodles I did when I was really trying to do some writing . . .  Photobucket Photobucket PhotobucketPhotobucketMaybe I'll bind them into a little book. PhotobucketThen there are lots of random cards that are nice to arrange together. PhotobucketMaybe I will stick these ones onto bigger bits of card.Photobucket PhotobucketAnd finally, for your pleasure, a bevvy of attractive - and more importantly naked - ladies.PhotobucketThankyou.


  1. Hello Jo,

    I've really enjoyed catching up on your blog having found it a few weeks back. I share a lot of your interests - attempting to grow plants in poor light and making ceramic things. I teach ceramics to students with learning difficulties but I'm sure I get more therapeutic value out of it then they do! Which ceramics class/ college do you go to with the older ladies?

    Anyway the main reason for writing is: can you tell me - where do you get such a fine bundle of cut card from? I cut my own from cartridge pads but this takes ages and is probably more expensive.
    And your drawings and prints are great - please post more as and when. Thanks for keeping your blog, and long may you continue.

  2. Hello Anna,
    Nice to hear from you. My pottery course is at Shadwell. Teaching ceramics must be a lovely thing to do, where'does your class happen?
    As for the bits of card - I have a special arrangement with some lovely folk at a printers, they give me some of the card from the odds-n-sods shelf, they've an amazing guillotine that chops through stacks of paper like butter.
    You could find your own folks I'm sure - just a commercial print shop but independent is best. You can only ask, and you might get to nosy at all the machines and paper - always nice. Mine won't accept money so I give them a cake or a bottle of red, got to be better than chopping by hand.
    Good luck!

  3. Thanks Jo,
    you lucky thing - I must find me a friendly printer! I can do cake.
    I teach in a FE college in sarf London, would happily do ceramics all week but have to do a bit of everything and loads of admin too for good measure.
    I'll look forward to seeing photos of your wares when they pop out of the kiln...